Vinyl Record How To: Clean and Dust Your Records Quickly

How to clean and dust your records quickly.

I made a video a while ago on how to clean your vinyl records. It’s had over 3,000 views, and a lot of people purchase the brush featured.


Here’s the “How to dust your records quickly” video:


In short, this is a very simple way to clean your records. You can simply press a carbon fiber brush on the record and sweep it to the side. Super simple and should be done before spinning each side. Dusting with a carbon fiber brush will both preserve your needle and record.

Here are some carbon fiber brushes I’ve used it recommended:


It’s also important to clean the needle which also has a small brush. You can do this before each daily spin or if you happen to have a dust or lint stuck during play.

Here’s the “How to clean your needle quickly” video:

Here are links to the one I bought.

There’s another person who is excellent with learning how to clean records. I recommend checking out Vinyl Eyezz. His one of my favorites for his exceptional knowledge and explanation.