Cassette Tapes: Do you love or hate them?

Do you love cassette tapes or hate them?

There doesn’t seem to be in between for if people love or hate cassette tapes. I think I’m beginning to have a newly found appreciation for them. These are three things I’ve learned from listening to cassettes 20 years later.


1. Patience

A huge complaint about records is the fact that you have to hear to the entire A-side of B-side and you can’t skip around. As a millennial, the first thing people hint is that our generation is all about instant gratification. Sometimes it’s awesome to have to sit through an entire mix to get to the song you want. This is also calming because you don’t feel the immediate impulse to switch a song. You can grow to appreciate each song on an album. Patience is an excellent quality to have and build upon.

2. On The Go

The irony of having a cassette is that people might think it’s not convenient for on the go. I have found the opposite. It’s perfect for quick On the Go music. It occurred to me before my recent haul that there isn’t anything more frustrating than trying to go somewhere you want to listen to music at and realize you don’t have anything downloaded on your iPhone or iPod. Sometimes you might have stuff downloaded, but it isn’t really what you need at that moment. A cassette is tangible. It’s already created, and it’s easy to grab and run along with your day.

3. It’s Cheap

That is the key point here. I have multiple subscriptions to different types of radios and internet streaming sites, but the vast part about cassettes is that you can get them for small money. My favorite record shop sells cassette tapes for about 50 cents each. The other day I picked up four cassettes and a 7″ Iron Maiden album for around $11. That was a fantastic deal and felt pretty great. The entire week I’ve been jamming to my new finds. You can also make your own mix tapes with blank cassette for very little money. I recently purchases 7 Packs of Blank Cassettes for around $8.

Here are the cassette tapes I picked up:

1. Live & Rockin Back Stage Pass Compilation

Back State Pass Live & Rockin Cassette

2. Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

 Dirty Dancing Cassette Tape

3. Rush’s Signals

Rush Cassette Tape

4. Cirque Du Soleil Saltimabanco Soundtrack

Saltimbanco Cassette


Here’s a great article from Rolling Stones on “Why the Cassette Tape Is Still Not Dead.”