About Jacquelin Rose

Welcome, I am Jacquelin Rose!

You’ve found my page for my three hobbies:

1. Vinyl Records

2. Yoga

3. Community Service

There are a ton of quotes I could use to explain what I do, but it narrows down to my inner child. When I was a kid, I would do all three of these things without anybody telling me to. I enjoyed volunteering at events.

As a high school student, I would volunteer at concerts in exchange for free tickets. I would play in the band to enjoy trips with my high school friends. I also did yoga without knowing what I was doing. During my younger years, I spend a lot of time swimming, dancing, and tumbling in gymnastics.

The time that all of these came together was in college where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, volunteered as a Student Senator for Florida State, and took my first yoga class.

 1. Vinyl Records

As of 2015 I spent a lot of time working on my brand and found that there are a ton of people who enjoyed the same things I do. In specific, the vinyl community is where I found my heart and calling.

The original project of collect records started a way to provide self-therapy. It gave purpose and interaction with others I might not otherwise be connected.

Collecting vinyl records continued to inspire me in life leading to the creation of Secret Vinyl Club. 

2. Yoga

Yoga has always been a way for me to exercise and clear my mind. When I am practicing yoga, I feel very empowered and enlightened. It’s one of the few times that time flies by without notice. I originally started a teacher training work study at the beginning of last year. Due to the studio closing, I was unable to complete the Yoga Alliance training. However, I am currently finishing an alternative Yoga Instructor Certification that focuses on Iyengar Yoga practice.

3. Community Service

My “job” is working for a non-profit. This organization helps every walk of life. Our most significant contributions include helping those in need from mental health to college students looking to earn a degree. This job created a more meaningful path for me where I feel like I am creating a huge positive impact on society.

That’s enough about me. On this page, you’ll find my photos, videos, and words.

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