About Jacquelin Rose

Welcome, I am Jacquelin Rose!

You’ve found my page for my three hobbies:

1. Vinyl Records / Tape Cassettes

2. Yoga

3. Community Service

There are a ton of quotes I could use to explain what I do, but it narrows down to my inner child. When I was a kid, I would do all three of these things without anybody telling me to. I enjoyed volunteering at events.

As a high school student, I would volunteer at concerts in exchange for free tickets. I would play in the band to enjoy trips with my high school friends. I also did yoga without knowing what I was doing. During my younger years, I spend a lot of time swimming, dancing, and tumbling in gymnastics.

The time that all of these came together was in college where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, volunteered as a Student Senator for Florida State, and took my first yoga class.

 1. Vinyl Records

As of 2015 I spent a lot of time working on my brand and found that there are a ton of people who enjoyed the same things I do. In specific, the vinyl community is where I found my heart and calling.

The original project of collect records started a way to provide self-therapy. It gave purpose and interaction with others I might not otherwise be connected.

Collecting vinyl records continued to inspire me in life leading to the creation of Secret Vinyl Club. 

2. Yoga

Yoga has always been a way for me to exercise and clear my mind. When I am practicing yoga, I feel very empowered and enlightened. It’s one of the few times that time flies by without notice. I initially started a teacher training work study at the beginning of last year. Due to the studio closing, I was unable to complete the Yoga Alliance training. However, I am currently finishing an alternative Yoga Instructor Certification that focuses on Iyengar Yoga practice.

3. Community Service

Before moving to Austin in 2017, my “job” is working for a non-profit organization called 2-1-1. This group helps every walk of life.  One of the most significant contributions included helping those in need of mental health counseling and suicide prevention to homeless shelter allocation and college student resources. Although the organization did a lot for the community, I found that moving from the helpline public position to administration in a Creative and Development Associate position that there was a lot of corruption. As such I’ve been discovering new ways to provide service to the community. I currently work for a cosmetic company that does not test on animals and offers a lot of philanthropy support to organizations, farms, and communities worldwide.


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